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Friday, September 26, 2008

Launch of Shop for the Cure

Breast cancer visits 1 in 9 women in their lifetime. Staggering statistics, especially if you stop and count how many women you know in your personal circle. Why do we develop breast cancer? There is no mystery about this. It is because we have breasts. It doesn't matter what lifestyle you live, or how well you take care of your body. The reality is that our bodies sometimes change and they learn to make cancer cells. If there is breast cancer in your family, you stand a higher risk of developing the disease. Men can develop breast cancer as well. As I said...it is because we have breasts and this is just one area of our bodies that can be targeted.

That is not a cavalier attitude...that is a reality. There is nothing whatsoever cavalier about breast cancer or about maintaining your health. Early detection of breast cancer is the key to beating it, to staying on top of it and to the best odds of survival.

My name is Sherry Smyth and I am a three year (and counting) breast cancer survivor. Part of my journey is in giving back -- for the care and treatment that I received. I would love to think that there is a cure for breast cancer or that we will discover it in my lifetime. My main focus is research, treatment options and care. With that in mind, Shop for the Cure will be offering items for anyone, not just a breast cancer survivor, until the end of October. All proceeds from the purchase of items as Shop for the Cure will be donated to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Please shop and be part of the future; a future without breast cancer.


Anonymous said...

god Bless you my Mom died from breast cancer.I cannot get into ning group am I banned or something?
xxoo denise

Sherry said...

Denise, you are still a member of the ning site at etsy cottage style. Not sure why you couldn't get in, but you are still there..I've just checked.