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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Creative Workshops

I love the idea of starting a new piece of work...of sitting down with my supplies and planning what I want to make..the idea that is in my head that is transferred to something concrete. Sometimes it turns out exactly as I had envisioned it in my mind's eye. Other times it takes a detour from that eye to my hands, and yet it still delights me because it's what it was always meant to be.

Sometimes life is like that. We have a plan and we focus on that, or we fall into a job or a relationship and it suits us so we carry on. Sometimes the plan has a fault or the job isn't what we're really meant to be doing. We have the ability and we're "good at it" but it isn't the direction we were really meant to go. We missed the turning or the sign that pointed in the direction we needed to move.

Much of my life has been like that...missing the signs that said "detour" and thinking I'd just plod along and find my way without following the proper directions. Now I'm going to risk, to dare, to challenge myself to do something I had thought about a long time ago but had never dared to do. There are a few things that fit into this little "pocket" on my coat of life, but for right now, this is the one that is calling out to me. To be, to do what I was always meant to be.

The fabulous Gail Schmidt (of Shabby Cottage Studio) and I have spent the last few months collaborating, conferring and consulting (which is quite something since I'm in Toronto and she's in Tennessee!) and discovered that her dream and my dream intersect and we've taken the steps to realize our potential and our dreams.

Creative Workshops is a new site for those who wish to take classes but can't afford the travel or the expense of retreats and workshops. All workshops and ezines will be done on-line with a variety of instructors-artists-teachers. Some workshops will include materials that are provided for you, others will require you to provide your own. Cost for the workshops will be dependent on those factors.

The first workshop is one that I will be teaching. I think it might be more appropriate to say leading than teaching, but either word encompasses what we will be doing. The workshop is entitled "Home for the Holidays" where participants will create a keepsake book that revolves around your home and the holidays. Cost for the workshop is $45 and includes a package of materials that retails for $60. There are still a few spots in this workshop which begins on October 27th. One of the most enticing features of these workshops that are being offered is that you can sign up even after a start date and not miss anything. Classes are posted online and you work at your own pace which means you don't have to be at your computer on "this day" at "this time". Class instructions can be saved to your computer for your convenience.

The only requirement for any of these workshops/ezines is that you are computer literate..that you know how to download a j.peg file or a pdf. file and that you know how to save material. These basics will not be taught in any of the classes.

Take a moment please to check out Creative Workshops and we hope you will join us for the first of many wonderful workshops.

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