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Monday, November 17, 2008

Annie's Shabby Attic

Let's take a trip to Port Huron, Michigan to see what goodies Jil has created and added to her etsy shop, Annie's Shabby Attic.

Jil's real name is Angelina for those of you who might not be aware, though the story of why she is called Jil remains a mystery! A mother and grandmother (of 24!), Jil spends her time enjoying the colour pink and making some of the most delictible faux cupcakes, as well as sewing and creating dolls out of spindles.

When not creating or spending time with her family, Jil can be found at her blog, Say It With Roses. From the exquisite work that Jil does, it is evident that she is someone who very much does as she states...she says it and very well, with roses!

Please stop by Jil's etsy shop and her blog to say hello. The items photographed and shown here are available in Jil's shop right now. See what else she has in store.
*all photographs are taken from Jil's etsy shop and are not to be copied or reprinted without her permission.


Lynn said...

Oooooo I have always loved Jil's Etsy shop, her work is soft, pink and feminine :)

Debbi said...

you are in the "pink" with this lovely etsy shop!