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Friday, November 21, 2008

Cigar Box Beads And Such and Sort

Heading over to the west coast, we'll find Marilyn Goodman of Seal Beach, Ca. She'll either be making wonderful creations with beads, finding and transforming vintage treasures, or spending time with her twin granddaughters.

Marilyn has two etsy shops, Cigar Box Beads and Such and Sort. Such and Sort seems an unusual name but it holds a unique memory for Marilyn as it's what one of her daughter's colleagues used to say for "etc."

You can find Marilyn at her etsy shops, her blog or her website.
*photographs of the doll and bracelet are from Cigar Box Beads; the vintage shoe is from Such and Sort. All photographs are property of Marilyn Goodman and are not to be copied.


Debbi said...

what wonderful bead art--and I love the other shop and she has vintage buttons*giggle*gotta heart that shop!

Bevie said...

These shops are great and what wonderful finds!!!

Anonymous said...

Love it!

cigarboxbeads said...

thank you so much for featuring me - i just sold one of my vintage- but strange- items--'I'm Joy, your Holiday Pixie'--so it's been a good day ;>)

marilyn g