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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Marjorie's Cracked -- About her Craft

Marjorie Cunningham believes in recycling to such a degree that she has made it an art form. This savvy New Jersey woman takes broken china, broken plates and pieces of sea glass and makes some amazing and beautiful jewelry.

Marjorie will also do custom orders and if you have broken a favourite plate or piece of china and would like to see this turned into a piece of jewelry that you can wear for years to come, Marjorie is the woman who can do this for you.

Marjorie has an etsy shop called Marjorie's Cracked (so really, you know I didn't make that up in the title of this post!) where you can find these pieces and others. Or you can check her website to see what else she has available.

To learn more about Marjorie, please have a look at her blog, called, yes, Marjorie's Cracked!

*all photographs are from Marjorie's etsy shop and are not to be copied or printed.


Lynn said...

I love vintage china, so of course I love your jewelry. It is very unique and I like that :)

Debbi said...

This is the most unique jewelry. Such a talented artist!

ChezChani said...

Her work is wonderful, she is a great addition to your group.