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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pink Butter Creme

Just typing that makes me begin to salivate....pink butter creme...I'm visualizing delicious, calorie ridden goodies that put a smile on my face!

As a matter of fact, much of what Teri makes does just that -- it brings a smile to my face. Are you looking for pink? For sparkly treats -- that are totally calorie free? This dynamic lady from the Jersey Shore makes some of the most amazing treats and they are perfect for any diet!

This is but a sampling of what Teri has in her etsy shop at the moment and a visit to Pink Butter Creme will be as much fun as strolling through the bakery.

For a glimpse into Teri's life, visit her blog for a glimpse into the whirl of Pink Butter Creme.

*all photographs are from Teri's etsy shop and are not to be copied or printed.


Anonymous said...

Pictures are amazing! Makes me want to buy everything!


Lynn said...

OMgoodness, everything is simply beautiful, I love Teri's work, always have :)

Debbi said...

your shop name fits your work so beautifully! Amazing etsy shop

Colleen said...

Cute! Cute! Cute! Love the ice skates, just adorable!!!!

Bevie said...

Oh I love all your gorgeous things, just darling...you did good hon.