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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Beverly A. Sams - "Bevie"

Beverly Sams, or Bevie as she is known to us, is a jewelry maker from Virginia, and a recent convert to mixed media/collage. To quote Bevie since moving to mixed media/collage she is experiencing "the most fun in years".

You will find Bevie at her etsy shop and on her blog. Please take a moment to pop in and say hello.

*all photographs are from Bevie's etsy and are not to be copied.


mimi said...

Oh Bevie's etsy shop is filled with so many nice things. The jewlery is beautiful, the scarves look so nice and toasty warm and her art is amazing.

Lynn said...

Both beautiful jewelry and mixed media art in Bev's shop :)

Bevie said...

Mimi and Lynn thanks so much for taking the time to go take a peek at my shop. I don't make much jewelry anymore as Sherry eluded to, I"m having a ball getting my fingernails filled with paint and glue!!! Have a blessed weekend!!!

sandisstuff said...

Bevie - what beautiful items you have. Being able to get full of paint and glue is just like being a kid again. What fun. Thanks for sharing. Sandi

Debbi said...

love Bevie's creations!