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Saturday, January 24, 2009

We are planning a party !

Our social network community Etsy Cottage Style on Ning, is turning 1 year old on Feb' 12th , and we are planning a Birthday Party :)
All the details will be sent to you soon, by email , through Ning , and I will post more details here too, very soon. We are planning some games, contests and giveaways with some wonderful handmade creations and digital creations donated by some of our members as prizes. You do not want to miss the party, which I believe will last for one week so every one get's a chance to play :)

If you have any great ideas for games, would you please come on over to ECS and let us know, the more the better. We are also accepting more prizes, so if you would like to donate one of your handmade items, contact Lynn through the Ning site.

Please feel free to click on one of these beautiful birthday buttons, right click and save as, for your blog, or your member page on Etsy Cottage Style. Both were created by our very own Carolina Gonzalez from The Digital Rose on Etsy.

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