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Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Cute as a button" Tutorial

This week, our Friday Challenge at the Ning Cottage was to make something related to sewing, so with that in mind, I decided to alter a pickle jar that will help me (hopefully) keep my buttons, pins and needles in place with charming cottage style...

I started with the following supplies:

. Pickles, mayonnaise, peanut butter, or any other kind of jar you might come across.
. A pin cushion I purchased at Michael's for $.99
. Leftover fabric. The size should be about 2 1/2" bigger than your pin cushion... stay away from the very thick ones, as they will be harder to work with.
. Glue gun
. Ribbon

Using your glue gun, attach the pin cushion to the jar lid...don't be afraid to use lots of glue and make sure it is very secure.

Cover the cushion with your fabric, placing it on the center and keeping it in place and very tight with a few pins on the top:

Glue your fabric in about 4 or 5 places to the lid's edge (and only to the lid, not the jar!) and make little pleads keeping the fabric tightly glued. Remember that once finished, you should be able to open the jar...

Cut the excess fabric all around the jar, leaving a little ruffle....

Glue a matching ribbon around the neck of the jar, about 4 or 5 dots of glue should be enough to keep it in place. Tie it on the front...

To finish it off, I used a couple of vintage daisies and a stamped grudged Manila tag. This step is totally up to your imagination. You can also use a big button or some vintage jewelry for a touch of Bling!

Now my pins and needles will be always at hand and my buttons, inside my altered jar, in a safe place...

I think the tag says it all...don't you?


sassydesigns said...

Thanks for this adorable idea!(and for showing us the how-to) It really is "cute as a button"!!!

PINK DAYS decohic de Karina M said...

excelente tutorial felicitaciones

SweetAnnee said...

Well that IS cute
and easy now that
we have a tutorial!!

Summer Gypsy said...

That is so sweet!!! Thanks for sharing. I love the tag and button...just precious.

Lynn said...

Too cute Marcela, great item for the challenge, and thank you so much for the tutorial :)

Bev said...

Hi sweetie, I am gonna make one of these over the weekend. I have kept my buttons in a large baby food jar for 30 yrs...now it's gonna have a brand new look thanks to your great tut...(((hugs))) that's for the great look of our blog too!!!
love ya,

Mrs.Kwitty said...

What a darling project!!
Thanks for the idea...(can you hear my wheels turning?!) lol
Smiles, Karen

Priscila said...

that is way better then those ugly tomatoes! Im going to have to make one! Thanks

Fleur de Bee said...

This is DARLING!!!!!