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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Easter Tutorial

The good weather this morning has me totally energized, so I'm starting the week with a tutorial!
Easter is almost here and this year more than ever, many of us are looking for inexpensive ways to decorate our nests. I think that these cute place cards are just the perfect way to add a little color to our Easter table without breaking the bank...

This is what I used for each place card:
. 1 egg
. 1 unfinished wood napkin ring (Michael's $0.69
. Letter sticker
. glue
. acrylic paint
. needle

I started by painting my egg and my napkin ring using the acrylic paint. I then, left them to dry.

Once dried, I made a hole on the top of the egg using the needle. Carefully, enlarge the hole approx. to the size of a dime...

Empty the egg yolk and the whites on a bowl. I'm sure there is plenty to do with them...
I'm not a baker, but if you have an easy recipe to send me, I'll try it and I'll post it for everyone to do the same!!

Carefully rinse the egg and let it dry again, bottom up this time.
Once done, I applied a sticker with the initial of one of my guests...this one is C, for my sister Clara...(You can also paint it). Apply a coat of Modge Podge all over the egg and let it dry again. (the decoupage medium will harden the egg and make it less fragile)

Apply a generous amount of white glue to the edge of your painted napkin ring and carefully place your egg on it...From this point on, make sure you handle your place card from the napkin ring to prevent it from breaking...

A little bit of water and a few small flowers and my place cards are ready!

Just a little happy spring on my Easter table for less than $1.00 each...thrifty decorating: my kind of decorating!

Before I go, I also want to share this picture posted by Lynne at the Etsy Cottage Style Group. I love it, it's sooo simple, sooo creative and sooo chic!!!

Too-cute-for-words centerpiece. Congratulations Lynne!!

Hope you enjoy this post and remember that if you have a good recipe using the eggs insides that you'd like to share, you can send it to migambeta@yahoo.com.
Have a good, creative, healthy Monday!


debi @ life in my studio said...

I love that placecard idea...too cute!! And the centerpiece is beautiful! Now I can decorate my table for Easter. tfs
Hugs, Debi

Debbi said...

What a neat idea! I remember my mom used to poke a needle hole in each end and blow out the egg yolk--always thought that was such a hassle--but this looks easy sneezy!

Connie said...

That's really neat, chickee! Even I could do that. I'll have to try it soon.......

kathy mc said...

So clever and so cute!

The French Bear said...

Hi Marcella, can you please add my blog to the list? Thanks! Love the way you are doing the blog, very nice!
Margaret B

The French Bear said...

Hi Marcela, I think I already have the link to the blog and the web site on my blog.
Margaret B

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I LOVE this idea. I will tell Mary about this as we always have breakfast at her place on Easter..well..actually Brunch! This is inexpensive and...the eggs will go into our large breakfast casserole. PERFECT! Thanks so much for sharing that hint. I already did my cloche but this one is really cute!

Graceful Rose said...

Marcela, Thanks for the warm welcome to Etsy Cottage Style. As you mentioned I placed your link on my blog. I tried to answer your comment but failed several times, so I hope this will be okay.

suzanne said...

I would love to have my blog added if i can. hope i did this in the right place. Thanks so much..

Lynn Guinn said...

I can tell you an even cheaper way to produce the adorable little "place adornments"
Last year I was having 21 people for
Thanksgiving and I wanted to have napkin rings for the huge table I was preparing. I cut inch-wide pieces from paper towel tubes and using Modge Podge I covered them, in and out, with torn paper grocery bags. When they dried they were solid. They would work for your project. (I tied mine in yellow, orange, and red raffia and put a fall-colored leaf button in the middle of the bow.)

Lynn Guinn said...

Would you please add my blog to yours?


Thank you!

KimisKanvas said...

Such Egg~straorginary ideas you have!