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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Show Off Monday...

I'm not very good at "sticking".

I usually start something, enjoy it for a while and then move on.

That's exactly what I did with my Etsy shop...Opened, sold a couple of things...got bored...didn't sell enough...didn't list again.
But for some reason I'm learning to be patient...did I hear age?...NEVER!!!!

Anyway, going back:

I decided this time to stick with it so I went back to the work table...(no studio here, just a little table, in the family room, next to the TV because I need the noise)
and had fun with some pieces.
Took pictures, (aren't the Etsy pictures just the best?)
Change the look of the store,
and sold some pieces!...(not a lot, but many more that I had imagined)

Today I'm not "bragging" about selling, I'm just "bragging" about being able (for the first time in a long, long time) to go back to something I abandoned before and giving it another chance.

Could this this be a sign of maturity??? No, not age...maturity I said!!!

If you have time this Labor Day and would like to "brag" about something or someone in your life or you would like to "show off" and share what you been up to...don't forget to leave me a message with your link and add you...(Mr. Linky is acting u today!)


Karen Canno at: Jackson Square
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Melody at Brown Gingham Creations
Rita at Mamabellarte


Dragonfly Treasure said...

Good for you Marcela! Sometimes it's just takes persistance...and patience ;~) Congrats on your sales too!

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Cheers to maturity (not age). hee,hee,hee.
Congratulations on the sales my friend! Very exciting!
bunny hugs,

simplydelicious said...

Congrats on your sales! I've just recently had some sales on my Etsy shop....I almost gave up on it! I guess I'll leave it up for a while now! Love yours...I checked it out! Love this idea..havin fun "showing off!"

Debbi said...

yeah Marcela, I need to go back to my "abandoned" projects too!

Melody said...

Hi Marcela!
Thanks for stopping by and for hosting SO Monday again, I think this is a great idea.

Rita said...

Marcela, mamma mia i am late but I am bragging about something...ciao

Rita said...

Ciao Marcela,
can I get your e-mail address?

whyte said...

good for you! sometimes one just needs to step away for a little while.

robin dudley-howes said...

I did the same thing...opened my etsy store in 06, listed a few things that didn't sell and never listed again until just recently. I have sold some things and figure it takes some time to get a following. It's not expensive like a brick and mortar store so what the heck? Congrats on your sales.

Candy said...

Enjoyed reading your little story. Some of the same feelings I have. Loved looking at your creations and hope to come back soon for more. Now let me see if I can remember where I just came from and how to get back here. Sometimes I click around faster than my mind can keep track ;-)
All started with PINK SATURDAY,Bellemere Cottage,then Rebecca Rose Design...now I have forgotten where I am RIGHT NOW.
That is why I accepted the DORY AWARD!
Thanks for the fun ride!