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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Let's Play!

Hi. I'm Melody with Brown Gingham Creations. I have been a member of ECS for a year now. Debbi and I were chatting the other day, she thought I had an idea some of you would like to join in on and asked if I'd be a contributor to the ECS Blog. You see I had an idea for a monthly post a while back.

A Vintage/Collection Alphabet. Each month I'd write a post pertaining to something vintage I collect beginning with a corresponding letter of the alphabet. Okay, look out, I've been thinking again. I was hoping you all would help me make it more interesting by posting comments with links to your blogs showing others your corresponding vintage alphabet finds. January will be A. My post will pertain to APRONS, but you can show off your Apple collection, vintage Artworks, Aluminum, whatever you can think of, or, show off you apronature(C) and display your own aprons! All you need to do is create a post on your blog,  click on the Mister Linky Icon at the bottom of this post, add your link and once that's done we all can visit each others blogs. You can also visit my blog here to read the post.

You'll have time to think about this...the post will be up on Jan. 20Th and remain til Monday. We hope to make this a monthly get together, so, after you do this post start thinking of things for 'B' for February!
I really hope you can come over and play Wednesday! Don't forget if you have an idea for a blog get-together get in touch with Debbi, it's always so nice to visit.


Bevie said...

Hi folks, I am sorry I missed Jan's post, but am ready for Feb. I love the new look of this blog!!!
blessings for a wonderful weekend!!!

Suz said...

I am back on Etsy again, after a Christmas break and I put this site on my bookmark bar. I didn't know it existed. Do you think there are others on the team like me?

How do I sign up here?

I used to write daily on a site where people listed things they noticed were new...do you know where that is?

Susan Reaney

The Pink Tulip said...

I'll have to look for something to put on for February starting with the letter B! Good idea!