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Monday, March 8, 2010

Let Me Introduce You To:

Cleo Headley.....Cleo is orginally from Ithaca, New York, but now makes her home in Webster, New York.
Cleo began crafting at the tender age of nine. She credits her mother with teaching her the art of embroidery. Cleo's mother was a seamstress, as well as her sister, Adriana and her Aunt Emma. This is a family of very talented women. Without a doubt, Cleo was distined to become an artist in her own right. Altho the women in the family sewed all of Cleo's prom dresses and school clothes, they even made her wedding dress, she was on a different path. Cleo had a love a quilting, doll making, pillows and just about anything for the home decor. Together, they must have made quite a fabulous team. As you can see from the quilt in the above picture, there is a lot of talent in those fingers.

In the 1970's, Cleo taught herself to tole painted. She bought books and began her quest with paint and brush. She studied the art of Theorem painting with a skilled teacher and eventually was a teacher herself. You could find Cleo's work in shops and also in the craft show circuit. She did the shows for over 35 years, spreading her love of painting all over the country.

Her background is extensive: Floral designer for 15 yrs, designer at Michaels for 3 yrs, and Interior Designer for two stores. Cleo's love for the arts and crafts took her on the journey of a lifetime. As time would have it, the internet opened up to new possiblities and the groundwork was layed. Cleo's work can sometimes be found on Ebay, she is listed on Etsy and now has opened her new website which can be found HERE.

Cleo continues her love of quilting  and painting. She is also very interested in colors, which has lead her to jewelry making and designing. We all wish Cleo lots of luck with everything she does. This woman is an artist wearing many hats, and very accomplished at whatever she decides to do. These pictures are just a small sampleing of the talent she has. Cross-stitching, painting, beading, jewelry making, floral work, ribbon work, quilting, the list goes on and on. I feel very fortunate to call Cleo as a friend and look forward to seeing much more of her work.


Debbi said...

and I thought I knew all about Cleo!
what a multi talented gal!

Shirley said...

She is so very talented no matter what she is doing. One great lady.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

very nice work - thanks for the introduction!

Dogmom Diva said...

What a talented gal Cleo is, beautiful work..!


Lisa said...

I love her work!