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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Welcome to April's Vintage Alphabet Party!

Hello Everybody! We're so glad you could attend the April Vintage Alphabet Party.

Once again, April's letter is twofold....E and F.... sorry, but we have to double and triple some months.
We can't wait to see your vintage English Bone China,  Faberge Eggs and Egg Cups (it is still Eastertide) , Fidoras, Enamalware, Flower Frogs, Earrings, and Fountain Pens. We Can't wait to see all your vintage E and F ideas!

Please remember this is a blog get-together You may place items that you sell in your blog post giving background and info, or how you use or enhance the vintage item. You can let party-goers know it's for sale on your site, but please do not link your selling sites. Selling sites (i.e. Etsy or Ebay) will be removed from  Linky. This post stays up for the week, join in at your convenience.

The Linky is easy to use. After you have "published" your Vintage Alphabet post on your blog, stop by Etsy Cottage Style and put your name and the permalink to your post into the Mr. Linky's sign up box.

What is a permalink? A permalink is the direct link to your post, as opposed to your general blog address. When someone visits Etsy Cottage Style during the week and clicks on your link, they will be taken directly to your Vintage Alphabet post instead of having to search through your most recent posts to find it.

There are two ways to get your permalink. One way is to click on the title of your Vintage Alphabet post, then right click on the URL address showing in the address field at the top and select Copy. Then paste this link into Mr. Linky which will be available here. Click on "Enter" and you are all done! You will see your permalink posted. :-) Or, another way to add your link for Mr. Linky is to right click on the title of your Vintage Alphabet post, select "copy shortcut" and then paste this link into the URL box on the Mr. Linky sign-up.



Art for the Romatic Heart, by WitsEnd said...

mine is "E" is for Egg, in a nest!

Debbie said...

Mine is F, and I did not mean to link the way I did, it did however go to the post....thanks for hosting!~

Glenda said...

mine is E for egg cause I love making and playing with all eggs.Thanks for this.love glenda

Melody said...

Hello and welcome everyone!

Cathy said...

Please add my website to your blogroll when you have a chance. The Etsy Cottage Style Banner is up and linked.

Thank you,


Cathy said...

I have a fun post using E and F. Come and see.

Thank you,


Linens Lace and Lattes said...

Hi! I have embroidery and Filet Crochet and Fringe to share with you. Thanks for letting me join in the fun. deb

vickie said...

Come by and see my Fish!

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Fun fun, thanks for hosting!

Herbgirl said...

"F" is for Frugal! Hope that doesn't break any rules.
Hugs N Herbal Blessings, Mandy

chris said...

Love these blog parties!! Can't wait to see what everyone posted.
Thanks so much for doing these.
Best wishes,

janet said...

F is for Feedsack! And I've included a link to the group I moderate on Flickr if anyone would like to join and post pictures from their own collections. We're happy to have you stop by for a look, too :)

Niesz Vintage Home said...

I had so many things with these letters, but I narrowed it down to Ephemera and Feedsacks.
off to check out the other collections!

Kimberly :-)

Say It With Roses said...

I just got home after being away for four + months...I will list something tomorrow, so please stop by to see....

shabbyrosetreasures said...

Oh my heavens I would love to take part! Mine is F for crushed rose Flowers! I hope I linked up right if not http://shabbychictreasures.blogspot.com/ this is me and I am having a pretty teapot giveaway for the month of April!~