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Sunday, April 11, 2010


Our first Market Monday has ended. We had over 81 participants!! And, what talented, inventive, artistic, and unique shops there were. It took me all week just go thru and visit.
Thanks to all of you it was a success.

Now some of you told us that you mentioned Market Monday in your own blogs and to your followers. That is great. We all need to do this. Since this a free venue, we all have ability to advertise 'word of mouth', again free. Lol....I don't know about the rest of you, but that's right in my budget. So, let's make a campaign to sell Market Monday. Put the Market Monday banner on your sites letting visitors know your participate. Let visitors know what Market Monday is. If you have Market Monday specials or add new items specifically for Market Monday talk about them. If you know of other sites that mention blogs that have selling events see if Etsy Cottage Style could be linked or mentioned. If you have any ideas how to freely advertise Market Monday leave a comment, or, if you'd rather contact me directly Here .

Remember to mark your calender. The next Market Monday is May 3rd. I realize that's close to Mother's Day. With Debbi's help, as always, we should be up and running on the preceding Saturday night so that everyone can link up on Sunday and be ready Monday bright and early.

This brings me to my last thing..I know, I know, but this is important. We need to give a big Thanks to Debbi at All In My Cottage/Marionberry Cottage without her this blog would not be possible. She keeps it up and running smoothly and that, my blog friends, is no small fete.
Okay, that's it..I'm done..talk to you all later,


Dru said...

Hi Melody - thank you for putting Market Monday together. I would like to add your banner to my blog - however there doesn't seem to be a link from the banner back here. Am I missing something - probably. Any help or suggestion would be appreciated. Thank you again, Dru

Melody said...

HI Dru,
I just hit 'COPY' on the MM picture and placed in My Pictures. I then go into my blog layout....hit the Picture app...upload the picture from my computer.....add the http//:www.etsycottagestyle.com link and hit save.
I told you all Debbi is the computer wiz I just do it the simple way to my mind..lol. I will pass this on to Debbi and she can give you the correct way.

jenn said...

Debbi, thanks to you and everyone else for all their hard work at ECS and Market Monday. What a great idea. jennifer