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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Featured Artist: Melanie Hall

Interview with Melanie Hall by Kristy of LifenReflection

What inspires you?
I love working with metals such as soldering, I love roses and of course cottage style, so making soldered jewelry is a something I love.

How did you become a artist?
I've made things as long as I can remember, working with my hands was something I always enjoyed, my father was also very creative.

Where is your craft space?
I have a room I use only for my crafts, sewing, soldering, painting and crafts books.
Sometimes I can spend up to 3 hours working on one project, taking a break and coming back to it later.

What do like to munch on while crafting?
I like to munch on semi-sweet chocolate chips and Boston baked beans. And I like Iced Tea.

What are your favorite tools?
Tools I like are; soldering tools, pliers and wire cutters, Dremel tool, along with scissors and paper cutter, Materials are; paper

  •  Check out Melanie's Designs in her Etsy Shop  http://www.melahall.etsy.com
  •  Stop by to Congratulate Melody on her Blog   http://artfulinterludes.blogspot.com

    Sara said...

    Hi Melanie, I love your bracelet it is so pretty I am now going to have a look at your sites. Hugs Sara

    Rella said...

    Oh My!! I had no idea Ms. Melanie was being featured!! I can tell you I have a few of Melanie's pieces and they are stunning! Bravo for showcasing not only a wonderful talent but a beautiful and generous spirit.

    xox Rella

    CailinMarie said...

    that bracelet is WONDERFUL! So pretty!
    This is a very charming blog.

    Melody said...

    Hi Kristy! I'm so glad to meet you Melanie. What beautiful jeweled keepsake you create. Love the Bracelet.

    Jen said...

    I just love the style of her bracelets -- so romantic and pretty!

    Jen said...

    I just love the style of her bracelets -- so romantic and pretty!