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Sunday, November 20, 2011

November Cottage Color Party

November's color is Burgandy. Now this is a classic fall color....leaves, mums, cranberries, mulled wine.... and very popular in decorating.......throws, overstuffed chairs, Asian rugs, placemats and napkins. When you think of burgundy in vintage terms there are lots of things you remember......ruby and cranberry glass, sack cloth, diner dishware, framed botanical prints. I'm sure there are more you remember in your collections and that you incorporate into your decor. We can't wait to see you're examples!

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Danice said...

Burgundy is one of my favorite colors. I really enjoy the monthly Cottage Colors Party :)

Italian Girl in Georgia said...

Happy Thanksgiving Cottage Friends. Been out of touch for a bit and wanted to say hello. Everything is beautiful!

Ciao amici,

Venus Blues Hideaway said...

What a great community!! Love the site. I added my link to your blog and added your button to my blog. Wonderful Site!!!