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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Get Out Your Box Of Doilies

Hi, I wanted to start off my introducing myself
and give thanks for the opportunity to guest post on this great site

My name is Christy I am a DIY'er, Vintage & Antique Lover and Yard Sale Queen I have a little Etsy Shop where I share my love for vintage & homemade goodies., I am also a part time photographer and a Mother of 2 beautiful children 

But enough about me I am starting off with sharing a little DIY project I just finished 

Do you ever see those random doilies at yard sales, thrift stores or Antique stores or do you have a secret stash full of them like me ?
 You know just saving them up for something, some reason ?
Well I came up with a neat idea to display them, to get them out of that box they are hiding in. 

I started with a blank canvas 
(well in my case I lucked out and found this one at the thrift store with a hand painted verse on it) eek., sorry But it was the perfect size and only cost me a $1 How about that...

I painted it black, but would be great painted your favorite color
maybe a dark teal, dark blue or deep purple
I feel the black makes the perfect back drop

Once it was good and painted with several coats I got out my box of doilies
I had stashed away for a project., I have been picking them up randomly at yardsales and flea markets for awhile and have made a couple table runners
but I love this idea I think it makes a great art piece

Once I had a plan of what I wanted to use I got out my handy dandy
spray adhesive and went to town, I used a cardboard to spray them on the overspray can be a mess  talking from previous experience here but that's another story

Mine is still not a completed project but I hope to fill in the spaces
with some more as I find them

It's found a home here in my entryway for now., 
I tend move everything around as I get bored with it 

Here she is, I will have to do a follow up after I add some more to it
**see that doily on the table yeah I didn't I totally could have used that one :(

Thanks so much for letting me stop in today, I hope you enjoyed this DIY
and maybe it got your wheels turning 

Christy from Sew Vintage 
Shop & Blog 


Debbi said...

Great re-purpose of old doilies!

Melody Brown said...

Oh, I love your collage. It'll be fun to see how it fills in. Welcome to ECS Blogspot Team!

TiffanyJane said...

Love it all....what an entry way!!