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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wednesday is for sewing

Hi Everyone!
Sorry I have missed posting the past few parties. My Dad has been in the hospital and the meds they have given me for my fall has made typing or even looking at the internet very hard. It temporarily maked things blurry, but boy it helps the pain in my.....well, ya know what I mean. So please forgive me if the parties are not quite regular these few days ahead, but you all have fun and keep each other in stitches!

Cottage Stitchery 
is dedicated to those who enjoy creating or collecting fabric arts, needlepoint, embroidery, quilting, etc.

'Sew' let's see what you have in your sewing basket or on the sewing machine. We're sitting on pins and needles just waiting for you to join the party!

1 comment:

Marilou said...

Hi Melody, thanks for hosting and I hope you heal up real soon:) Thinking about you!
Hugs Marilou