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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Let's Talk Vintage

Hello and welcome to "Let's Talk Vintage!"
We're glad you're here!
You are welcome to link up with our
fun party if you have a blog post about
something vintage or something vintage you sell!
You can just stop by to read, too.
This week I'm working on setting up my
new shop... moved some things in yesterday.
My hubby worked on a check-out counter
on Saturday... it is really neat. An old
piece that looked like it was a bar in
someone's basement. When we found the
bead board beauty it was covered in
layers of dirt or what looked like dried beer!
And it also had some lovely green kitchen
tile as the top! Now it is clean and painted
white again with a chalk board top.
It has been redeemed!
A really cool transformation.
Soon I'll show how I transformed this table!
I love it so much now that I don't want to
sell it... but that is the point of
having a shop, right?
We're pretty excited about getting
more things into the shop and all
set up. This is a piece my friend Kathy
will be bringing to the shop.
I can't wait to see it all finished.
It has been very interesting
to see how I've gone from only
selling vintage to actually working
on painting furniture and other
pieces! I feel like I am getting
in touch with my artistic side!

The hubs enjoys helping me, too.
I'll have more photos in the coming
weeks... but for now I'm going
to go right to the features.
Stay tuned!
Now for this week's features:
Kicking it off is Cecilia of
She shared a few ways to
repurpose stuff for the garden!
Next up is Diana of
Love her repurposed vintage
crate, she never disappoints!
and My Sweet Cottage shared about her
day with the daffodils in Skagit Valley, WA.
 Great photos and neat info on some 
of the most prolific bulb farms in the U.S.
After sharing these features I realized
I chose posts that were mostly about
gardens, flowers, and farming!
The perfect theme for spring!
(And speaking of spring,
thank you all so much for
your kind comments about
my LuRay dinnerware.
So sweet!)
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