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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Let's talk Vintage

Welcome to "Let's Talk Vintage!"
You can link up your blog posts about your latest
vintage finds, projects, items for sale, you name it!
Other ideas include old family photos and stories,
tried and true recipes handed down through the
family, collections you may have, etc.
Today I'm sharing some of my latest
projects and photos from our new shop.
Since we had to fill the shop up pretty quickly,
I have a bunch of projects that I've been
cranking out. I have to say I even surprised
myself with how much I enjoyed creating!

I think it was all the years I've watched things
being created in blog-land that helped me.
So, thank you for all of your inspiration!

I'm not sure who originally gave me this 
idea but I knew I had an old bread board 
that had seen better days... and voila!

What was once old is new 
again, and now in the shop.
Here are a couple more projects....
a small side table and a suitcase.
The table had pretty good lines
so I decided to keep the lower half
untouched and only paint the top black,
using chalk paint.
Then a stencil over the black that
matched the color of the lower half.
I like how it turned out although I think
we realized it could have been better.
The hubs used regular wax on the top
instead of dark wax. Learning as we go...
I loved the suitcase and decided
to decorate it.
Using blue painter's tape, I blocked
off a set of three stripes and painted
in between using black paint. Then I
 added a French stencil overlay in white.
One of the easiest projects I've tried! 

 I'm currently working on a vanity since one sold
over the weekend in the store.
I'll have results with what we decided
to do for "the makeover!"
Now for this week's features:
shared how easy it is to blend French Country
 and Country Farmhouse styles together.
made a jewelry holder out of an
old coffee mug tree! So pretty!
and last but not least, Sarah
a new way to announce Spring
on her front door. A handbag
from Goodwill of all things!
Perfectly sweet!

you can link up over at Jill's blog

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Roselle A said...

The new store is wonderful! Good luck!