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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Great post shared from Bella Rosa Antiques blog:

Welcome to "Let's Talk Vintage!"

This is where many of the junk lovin' types gather every Tuesday morning, starting at 9.

You can join in, too, if you have somethin' to share about somethin' vintage! Even if it's just items you sell. It is all welcome here. Just please leave a link back to this blog post.

This week I am sharing some of the new changes that I have begun in my brick and mortar shop, Vintage & Co.

A friend of mine texted me about a shop about 25 minutes away that was going out of business that sold scrapbook and paper crafting stuff. Well, the thing that got my attention was when she typed "THEY ARE SELLING THEIR FIXTURES."

I didn't waste much time getting over there and while they were in their third week of selling out to the bare bones, I did happen to spy the check out counter that had not sold yet.

I did some measuring....mumbled some hmmms.... and then some uh-huhhhs.... and went back to the shop and did some more measuring and some more mmmm-hmmms.

Then, after wheeling and dealing a little bit the shop owners and I agreed on a price! 

And, VOILA! The new Vintage & Co. check out area!
I have a place to wrap fragile items and to put my computer on... and if I want to hide my lunch, I can do that too! 

It is not glitz and glamour but I love it! 

This was how small it was before, with just the one counter.

My other plans include painting the one wall as a focal point in aqua and add shelving and one of those fun ampersands I see in all of the stores. Can't wait!

Now Let's Take a Look at this Week's Features:

Up first is Cecilia of My Thrift Store Addiction. She scored some nifty thrifty souvenir state trays... and my favorite is of course, Pennsylvania.

Bernideen of Bernideen's Tea Time Cottage Home and Garden Blog shared her potting bench makeover and her beginning thoughts of "Time Began in a Garden."

And last but not least, is Vintage Eves post about some of her spode... her title was so clever! And the spode, well, it speaks for itself!

Thanks so much, Ladies!!!

If you've been featured today or any other time, feel free to grab the LTV graphic for your blog side bar or one of your posts! Thanks so much!

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